Red Wine doc Italia Marche

Have you ever heard anything about the very good red wine DOC Italia Marche? This is one of the most pleasant Italian wine all around the world: with its deep ruby colour and some notes of deep red, the red wine DOC Italia Marche has also a very delicate flowers bouquet, especially thanks to the notes of violet, mulberry and chestnut.
This is the reason why the red wine DOC Italia Marche is one of the most desirable wines when you would like to drink some fresh wine, that can be perfect especially with cold cut, white meat, pasta with red sauce and antipasto, but also with every Mediterranean Cuisine dishes where it is necessary to pair a wine with a very good definite taste.
The DOC Italia Marche it is probably the most fresh red wine of the central Italy, despite its taste may be a bit strong and robust: thanks to the location, with a very good climate especially during the summer, this wine is made from grape with high sugar content, and this is one of the most interesting characteristics of this well known red wine DOC Italia Marche.
You have to note that the right temperature to serve this red wine DOC Italia Marche is between the 16 and 18 degrees Celsius: in this way, you can taste all the wonderful taste of the nature of the Marche region, that you will find in every glass of the red wine DOC Italia Marche you will drink.marche-near-ancona

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