Italian Wine Verdicchio

The Italian wine Verdicchio is surely one of the best known special product from the Marche, thanks to its wonderful flavour that makes it unique, especially if you like the light white wine and you would like to drink something special with your family or your friends, for example, during a dinner at home.

The Italian Wine Verdicchio most famous is probably the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, in the province of Ancona, but also the Verdicchio di Matelica has a big name around the world, thanks to the very delicate taste, and also because this is one of the most ancient central Italian wine, as you can easily understand considering that exist documents of the 14th century that describe this wine.

You have also to consider that the Italian wine Verdicchio is known also as one of the wide planted variety available, and you will probably be surprised knowing that this wine is more planted than Sangiovese, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.

The colour of the grape is the reason why this wine has got this strange name: in fact, the grape is green – in Italian Verde, then Verdicchio – even in the moment when it is in ripe, and it is a unique feature of the region Marche Italian Wine Verdicchio.

The location where the grape is planted is the reason why of this very special light flavour of the Italian Wine Verdicchio: in fact, the mild climate of the hills of the Marche region offers a unique place to obtain the best grapes.

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